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Every business struggles with building an online presence at first. While many may think search engine optimization (SEO) is a dying art form, actually its alive and well and continues to stir up a storm online! Have you ever wondered why some sites show up at the top of Google searches and other, similar sites don’t? All of the sites that rank at the top of Google searches have one thing in common: great SEO.  Tell us your goals, and as your digital marketing agency, we will provide you a competitor analysis, keyword research & optimization, and a content strategy that will result in building a strong online presence.


Our Roots in SEO

At Intact Info, our roots are in search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is a technical field that is heavily driven by the desires of Google, the largest (but not only) search engine in the world.  As a Google Certified Partner, we have the experience and insider knowledge of the workings and requirements that your website needs in order to rank highly on search engines.  If your website traffic is not where it needs to be and your visibility or rankings are below what you expect, then contact one of our online marketing agents and we’ll get you moving in the right direction.


What our Strategy Can do for You


The Ever-changing World Of SEO

Google is constantly updating their algorithm, a website’s ranking can fluctuate and even change dramatically within a short period of time. One of the most well-known Google algorithm updates, Penguin, penalized websites that utilized low quality backlinks by severely dropping their rankings. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all have guidelines that outline their best practices for webmasters and SEO analysts to follow in order to avoid getting penalties.  It takes experience and close monitoring to detect a penalization early in order to minimize losses in rankings, and therefore traffic to your website.


Why Pick Our Analysts

Over the years, our SEO analysts have seen it all. They can determine the factors that are preventing your website from ranking higher, and develop and implement a strategy to increase your organic traffic as well as conversion. As a digital marketing agency, our focus is not only keywords, but off page SEO, such as link cultivation.  We do this by analyzing your market and creating link bait articles, blogs, and press release to build your brand awareness.


Your Integrated Marketing Team

SEO involves learning about your industry and customers and taking that research and applying it your website. Our SEO analyst, discover areas of opportunity whether its spicing up your content, captivating images & web design, or whether its reaching out to your users through press releases and industry related websites. Learn more about growing your online presence with the support of an experienced digital marketing team.

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