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  • Sales Selling Commerce

    3 Key Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

    Hit Social Media Hard With Paid Ads Paid social ads have the power to create instant brand awareness, and drive a host of users ready to spend directly to your website. While anyone can start a paid ad campaign, very few can do it effectively. A successful paid ad campaign requires expert knowledge of your business and what each social media network has to offer. Only a good digital marketing agency can put this information together.   To increase engagement, they can help you run Instagram and Snapchat accounts. If......

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  • Two-Businessman-Working on DIG

    7 Habits of a Highly Effective Marketing Team

    Considering the increasing success of digital marketing strategies, a huge number of digital marketing agencies have grown to meet the demand. But how can you pick one of these agencies and be assured that your business will be in good hands? To get ahead of an increasingly competitive digital market, you’ll need to find an agency that will make your business stand out from the pack. These are the reasons why Intact Info is one of the few, highly effective digital marketing agencies. 1. Strategic Thinking Digital marketing requires another......

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  • 7 Digital Marketing Predictions To Use To Your Advantage

    Digital marketing is continuously evolving along with the technology around it. As social media, smartphones and video content dominate advertising, marketing trends are becoming more sophisticated to align with this. With all of these different channels, marketers need to be aware of all the different avenues where they can showcase their products and services. With that in mind, here are some marketing predictions that can be used by savvy marketers, brand manager and business owners to increase to drive engagement and ultimately increase their revenue. Content Marketing Content marketing is......

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  • -Man-Is-Using-Credit-Card

    Why A Subscription Model Is the Winning Strategy To Promote Your Services

    If you are in the business of selling content—whether that means lectures, courses, webinars, how-to books, etc.—there are many different ways for you to price your services. However, the million-dollar question remains: how do you draw customers in? You could try to sell all of your content packaged under a single, large fee. But can you convince your customers to pay that hefty price upfront? A higher asking price tends to drive customers away. Another idea might be to offer an entry-level option that will give customers a taste of......

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  • Desk

    Why “Pinnable” Content is Crucial to Increasing Traffic

    When people think of social media sites, the first sites to come to mind will almost always be Facebook and Twitter, and rightly so: these sites take up the number one and number two spots of the most popular social networks, respectively. For this reason, digital marketing tends to focus on these two behemoths of social networking. But did you know that Pinterest’s estimated 250 million visitors aren’t that far behind Twitter’s 310 million? For a business with the right niche, Pinterest can be a godsend. While Facebook and Twitter......

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  • Man-Working-on-a-Responsive

    The Must-Know Web Design Tips to Build Patient Loyalty

    For many people, your website will be the chance to make a great first impression, as well as, their preferred method for engaging with you regarding their health, once they become your patients. While a website re-design only seems like an aesthetic change, it can actually be a powerful tool for improving patient loyalty. Here are the key components to having a successful website: Responsive Design Your patients have a wide variety of internet-enabled devices, and a variety of browsers they use to view your website. If your website isn’t......

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  • The 8 Types of Content That’ll Strengthen Your Medical Blog

    The 8 Types of Content That’ll Strengthen Your Medical Blog

    As we outlined previously in this blog, medical practices need to take advantage of social media and blog content in order to reach out to consumers increasingly reliant on the internet for their medical questions. But if you’ve never blogged before, you’re probably wondering how you can keep writing without repeating yourself. To help get you started, here are 8 types of blog content you can use to keep your blog fresh and interesting. 1. Opinion Pieces Many bloggers will advise you to post your most controversial opinions online, but......

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  • SSL-11

    What SSL Certificates Can Do for Your Business

    SSL What? There are a vast number of pages online for users to browse on the Internet. But that means there are also a vast number of bogus or insecure pages that could leave a user’s information vulnerable. That’s where SSL certificates come in.   Primarily, an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) offers an extra layer of security for information that is passed to and from two connected machines over the web, a connection that is sort of like an online hi-five or a World Wide Web fist bump.  ......

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  • website-

    The Importance of URL Structure

    Why URL Structure Shouldn’t be Ignored   Until recently, URL structure was largely ignored from an SEO standpoint. Nowadays, however, SEOs are realizing the significant role URLs can play in Google rankings. This important substitute for an IP address informs users and search engines on what the page consists of.   An ideal URL should be simple and straight to the point, without a series of confusing letters, numbers or symbols. A well structured, easily readable URL can contribute to a boost in rankings, especially for smaller businesses.   URL’s......

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  • intact info

    Tips on Google+ for Your Business

    Don’t Neglect Your Google+ About Section Google+ is a valuable marketing tool that has the ability to draw people to your business’ website, but it has to be set up and used correctly. Taking full advantage of Google+ and its benefits includes adding key information and paying special attention to the About section.   It’s easy to neglect this small portion of your profile, but you shouldn’t. This helpful section of your Google+ business page offers you the ability to promote your business, while including valuable SEO factors.   Because your goal......

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