Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales
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3 Key Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

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3 Key Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Hit Social Media Hard With Paid Ads

Paid social ads have the power to create instant brand awareness, and drive a host of users ready to spend directly to your website. While anyone can start a paid ad campaign, very few can do it effectively. A successful paid ad campaign requires expert knowledge of your business and what each social media network has to offer. Only a good digital marketing agency can put this information together.


To increase engagement, they can help you run Instagram and Snapchat accounts. If your customers are part of an older demographic, they can use Facebook to target the customers you need. While Twitter is currently struggling to stay afloat, it is still a major social network that could represent a lot of value for a certain business.


As a business owner, you’re not going to have the time to maintain a strong social media presence, or to research the analytics necessary to run an effective social media ad campaign. You need a dedicated team to run your accounts for you and build long-term relationships with your customers. Otherwise, you’ll just be throwing money away on paid ads that don’t deliver results.

Implement an Irresistible Exit-Offer


If you are an experienced web user, you know how intrusive and annoying most pop-ups can be, especially if you were in the middle of reading that website’s content. But not all pop-ups are viewed the same way.


Digital marketing agencies have learned that an exit offer is one of the most effective ad types available. By setting ads to trigger as the visitor is leaving, you can avoid interrupting a conversion and increase your chances of grabbing the visitor’s attention.


A digital marketing agency can run these kinds of tests on your customers, and determine whether an exit pop-up or another powerful ad is right for your business. Meanwhile, you can focus on the day-to-day operations that need your attention. No matter what ad type will be implemented, you can be sure that the ads you are sending out will be optimized to increase sales.

Aggressively Grow Your Email List With Special Offers


An email list is an effective way to engage with a group of customers who have expressed a special interest in your business. By sending special offers that can’t be refused, you’ll keep your customers engaged and add to your list continuously. A list of 10,000 subscribers only requires a 3% click-through rate to send 300 visitors back with a single email. Best of all, there is no additional cost to market to your list.


You could certainly try to run an email list on your own. But chances are that you won’t have the time or the analytics to test different subject lines and email content. This kind of testing is necessary to craft an optimal message for your customers.


If you are looking for an experienced digital marketing agency to increase sales and maximize ROI, get in touch with Intact Info.

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