Beat Out Your Competitors with a Strong PPC Campaign
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Beat Out Your Competitors with a Strong PPC Campaign


Beat Out Your Competitors with a Strong PPC Campaign

Why do you Need a Strong PPC Campaign for your Business?

Many businesses often question why it is necessary to pay for ads when you can simply rely on free organic search results. In other words, why spend money if you don’t have to? Although Google doesn’t charge websites to rank them organically on their search engine, companies spend incredible amounts of time, effort, and resources to get their websites to the top of the first page for their targeted keywords. Competition for organic rankings is fierce, and newcomers are at a disadvantage as they need time to catch up to well-established websites. However, there is another method to get you the results you want, and it doesn’t require much of a wait at all. It’s called building a strong Pay-Per-Click campaign.


A Pay-Per-Click ad (PPC) is a method that allows businesses to prominently display their ads on the first page of search rankings without having to rank organically first. These ads are placed above and to the right of organic listings and are only charged to your PPC account each time a visitor clicks on your ad. With a PPC campaign, you direct traffic (people who click on your ad) to a designated page on your site with a single purpose in mind: to fill out a form, give you a call, or buy your product. Many times small businesses neglect PPC campaigns because they believe they are costly and not as effective as SEO campaigns. But, most successful companies utilize both SEO and a strong PPC campaign to maximize their reach and profits.


What are the Benefits of PPC Campaigns?

Get Noticed by Your Customers

The sole purpose of running a PPC campaign is to attract customers! Your products may be the best of the best product, but you can’t sell a product to someone who doesn’t know you exist. In addition, you cannot provide a service to someone who doesn’t even know your business. A PPC campaign can help you target your consumers by location, age, gender, time, keywords and so much more. Just imagine the opportunities of growth in these untouched markets that your competitors are not utilizing!


Measurable Results

PPC campaigns allow you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.  You can see your campaign’s click-through-rates (CTR), the number of conversions, conversion rate, bounce rate, and even your return on investment (ROI). The data results can show you whether your campaign is effective or not, and it allows you to customize your campaign and run A/B split-testing to optimize your PPC campaign. By constantly testing and experimenting, you can make your PPC campaigns stronger and more effective.


Find your Niche

A PPC campaign allows you to target only the customers you want. If you offer X, Y, and Z products but your competitor is only offering X and Y, building a strong PPC campaign centralized around your Z product will help you out-hustle your competitors in that market.


Cut through the Waiting Game

Natural SEO campaigns are still a vital part of your search engine marketing. However, they require time and an experienced team to push your site up the rankings. Having a strong Pay-Per-Click campaign can allow you to dominate your market instantly. If you are in a highly competitive market, take advantage of PPC and use it to bypass your competition.


SEO + PPC is a Strong Duo You Can’t Beat

Running a strong pay-per-click campaign requires experience and ongoing testing to find the right way to target your customers for the least amount of money. A successful campaign should provide you a great return on investment, but to achieve this, you need to know how to read your results and customize your campaigns based on a sound strategy. Our PPC management team is here to help analyze and test your data for you, and we customize the best campaign for your business.


For more information on how to run a strong PPC campaign or for other search engine marketing questions, contact us today at 1.888.986.7736.

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