Local Search Marketing Services: Video/Photo, Email & Referral
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Local Search Marketing Services: Videos/Photos, Email Marketing & Referrals

Local Search Marketing Services: Videos/Photos, Email Marketing & Referrals

Local Search Marketing Part 3


A great marketing strategy is crucial to maintain a growing company. The problem is that most businesses do not realize just how big a factor local search marketing plays in improving their visibility online to users in their area. To add on to our local blog series, I would like to walk you through four of our 10 best strategies to help get local business. Today’s focus revolves around: Celebritization, Email Marketing, Referral Programs, and hosting a Virtual Tour.


Celebritization/Video Marketing

In today’s marketing landscape, videos are a great tool to retain and engage current and potential customers by providing valuable visual and audio content. Celebritization is the goal in which we set out for you to become a celebrity or authority figure within your community or industry. If you have been camera shy in the past, chances are your business is missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with people on a personal level. In fact, Com Score reports that visitors to websites are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.


Why They’re Important: Videos are fun and informative. It is an easy way of keeping your audience interested in your brand. You become a celebrity and give yourself the power to reach anyone. Lastly, most decision makers do not have the time to read through your 1,000-word articles, so all the information can be collected in under 2 minutes.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a heavily inspired marketing tool that always brings your business straight to the eyes of your customers. Regardless of your goal, the key is to be sure that your emails are relevant to the customers that you’re targeting. Customers want to see emails from the brands they follow religiously – so long as they deliver something of value. Otherwise, they’ll just go straight for that delete button.


Why It’s Effective: If done correctly, this channel can get you referral traffic, repeat business, and help generate new business for your company. Ultimately, this can separate you from your competitors and influence the purchase decision of the consumer.

Referral Program

A referral program, traditionally called “Word of Mouth”, revolves around the trust recommendations of family, friends and colleagues. Not only is this a great tactic to ensure company survival, it is a great opportunity to generate buzz with new customers. Referrals are taking flight and tripling business size when executed correctly.


Why You Need One: First things first, in order for this to work, you should provide a fantastic service or product. It is far cheaper and easier to offer an incentive to your customers to bring you business, rather than spending your time and resources searching for new clients. When you have a great product or service, loyal users will be willing to help your business out if you give them the opportunity.

Virtual Tour/Photos

Posting a virtual tour in the form of images on your website is one of the most fruitful tactics you can use to help your business take off. This is basically a huge conversion factor if you have a great-looking business. Google’s Business View is bringing customers through your front door right from the get-go. This gives your potential customers the chance to interact with your business online and gives you the chance to win them over so that they come to you in-person to start doing business.


Why You Should Take Action: Virtual tours are getting over 5 million views a day! If you have a good facility, this can distinguish you from your competitors. By providing video and photos of your business, your potential customers can explore and become comfortable with your brand. Additionally, this can help you save time if you usually spend a good amount of time showing customers around your business in person.

Local Search Marketing is Here to Stay

If you are looking to get more business locally, try some of these practical and useful strategies. Be sure to read our last set of strategies in our Part 4 to learn more. If you don’t have the time, we can help. At Intact Info, we get to know your business personally and develop custom strategies to keep people coming through the door.


Contact our team of local search marketers and we can help you grow your business locally and digitally.

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